Monday, July 21, 2008


I'm SO sorry it has been so long since I've posted, but life has just been wild!

We spent time babysitting Kim's kids while she and Zack honeymooned (belated) in St. Lucia, then we came home, and it's just been wild since then. Just really no time to sit down and concentrate enough to do any typing on the computer.

Well, this weekend, we went down to Prattville to visit Matt and Katie, and Gene's family. It happened to be Mom's birthday, and she and Daddy had gone to P'ville too to help KK and Matt cut up the tree's that had fallen in the storm, so we got to see them too, and spend Momma's bday with her. Gene's brother, Erich's bday party was Saturday afternoon, so we surprised him and the rest of the family by showing up. Sunday, we got to go to church with everybody as Gene's parents have placed membership at P'ville CofC, KK and Matt go there, and Mom and Dad were still visiting. We had a good time. I'm pooped now. Sleepy mostly.

BUT, before we left, I got a phone call from the Tuscaloosa Co Board of Education and got my old job back! I was so excited. I cried and cried.

One problem though...tonight I just got a call from my principal saying that the superintendent told her that I did get my job back, but not at my old school. My old principal doesn't know where, and the reason she was calling me was to find out if the super had called me, because she said she would. So, I have a prayer request...pray that they're wrong, or if they're not, that I'm placed at Vestavia...the school Kaitlyn will be zoned for next year. I'm being bold and asking God for something specifically. Ya'll pray too, please.

Went to the dentist today to have those two broken teeth fixed. That was fun. Not bad, just that they numbed one side, and I was numb from my ear (including my actual ear) to include my tongue. It felt so weird. It felt like my tongue was 4 inches thick! I was talking so funny. I reminded myself of Bill Cosby..."My libben is on the flur...!" Then I bit my lip eating my lunch, cause I couldn't feel it. That wasn't pleasant.

Well, that's about it. You're caught up.