Monday, June 16, 2008

Whew! I'm pooped!

Well, sorry it's been so long since I've blogged, but it's been a wild week (or two, I can't really remember). Anyway, we went down to Selma on June 8th to spend most of the week with Mom and Dad for their Family Bible Week, aka VBS. We didn't get back until the 12th. We had a good time. Kaitlyn was the only one in her class, but mom's best friend Tracy was her teacher, so she wasn't hurtin' for attention. She's like a little celebrity when we come home. My Daddy was in a skit! I couldn't believe it! Of course, Mom volunteered him for it, and he made no beans about reminding everyone of the fact, but he was really good. He played Mordecai in the story of Esther. The lady playing Esther messed up her lines at the end of the play and said that Mordecai should be hanged, well, Kaitlyn knew that her Poppa was Mordecai, and that hanging wasn't good, and you should've seen her little face! It was so funny!

Anyway, all went well with Family Bible Week. We were just all pooped. Mom helped with crafts, and did a skit herself as well. I was in shock! I took pictures to have proof of the occurance just in case no one believed me.

While we were down there, we went to "Ms. Kay's" pool to swim. One of the side affects of this crazy disease is I can't get sun...well, apparently that is wrong, cause I was a lobster by the end of the day! Went to church that night and everyone was hugging me, and saying, "hey darlin' how you doin'?" all the while just beating the snot outta my back. I'd just grin...lord that hurt. It was kinda funny though.

Ummm...let's see...came back home on the 12th, and brought Smook with us. Her real name is Meredith Chance. She and her older sister Mallory were my flower girls 12 years ago. She's now 17 years old! She went to work in my house, and lord have mercy! Cleaned out Kaitlyn's entire closet and chest of drawers and reorganized the whole thing! We had a great time, but wore ourselves out.

Mom, Dad, Kim, Zack, Jon, Mark, and Jon's friend John Ross (not to mention the 85 pound black lab, Todd) all came in Saturday afternoon. That was fun. Cricket went nuts when she saw Todd and just about ate him alive (Cricket is our 12 pound, 12 year old minature long-haired dachshund). Mark is so cute, he's walking around and just jabbering. He came straight to me and just grinned (he's my 16 month old nephew).

Anyway, it was wild trying to sleep all those people, but we had a blast, and Smook kept me from having a come-apart. All the women went to Hobby Lobby after supper at Los Tarascos and shopped a little and came home and painted. I did a big canvas for Smook's room.

Sunday, Kim, Zack, headed for Huntsville to take the two older boys to Space Camp, and the rest of us went to church and to Angeline's for lunch. Then home for naps. Kaitlyn gave Daddy and Poppa cute "handmade" tee-shirts for Father's Day. I've got pics of everything for KK to post as soon as she can.

Ok, time to fix supper. Hope you all feel caught up. Can ya'll tell I'm a little long winded? Are you sure you want me to do this?

Oh, had dentist appts. this a.m., Kait and 8 a.m. I've to two broken teeth I didn't know about (how'd I miss THAT?), and my gum is too low on one of my K9s? Anyway, he wants to do a skin graft on it. Yee ha.

Still don't have a job yet for the fall...
NOW you're caught up.


Lynne Griffies said...

Oh my goodness---when you catch us up, you REALLY catch us up!!!!!!!!! Sounds like all of you had a fun time at VBS. That is surprising that Kaitlyn was the only one in her class!

Will look forward to the pics.

Lynne Griffies said...

Oh--and I love the ticker that Katie put on the blog for you.

Three plus Me said...

Sorry for not clarifing more! I saw Alayna, Eric's wife. Glad y'all are doing well. Keep in touch!